Citizen KiDs 2-Pack

Civics 4 Kids


Award Certificates


2 INSPIRING and SUPPORTIVE CHILDREN’S CIVICS RESOURCES – Citizenship Duty Presentation + Good Character Certificate Awards

Recognize and Announce Great Citizenship Behaviors.
50 EDITABLE Super Star Citizen Certificates
50 Individual Character Attributes – 1 Trait per Award

Use anytime you observe consistent positive conduct.
Print in color or in black/white; Save paper and email out!

ZiP Folder Includes 2 Files:

  1. EDITABLE PPT. Edit and/or relocate graphics.)
    Type directly into the Template and print it out.
  2. PDF is for Print-and-Use Now.
    Hand write in student name, your name and date.

Traits Include:

Respect * Honesty * Loyalty * Tolerance * Patience
Responsibility * Trustworthy * Mindful * Honorable
Care/Compassionate * Team Player * Good-Natured
Cooperative * Perseverance * Friendship * Kindness
Empathy * Respectful * Courteous * Patriotic * Proactive
Kindness * Positive * Humorous * Good Judgment
Just & Fair * Law Abiding * Sharing * Helpful * Trustworthy
Conscientious * Donating Time * Compassion for Animals
Appreciation * Purposeful * Citizenship * Empathy
Happiness * Grateful * Thank You * Fill in * +More
**50 Totally Different Character Attributes!

Bring a *Smile* to Someone Special! Leave an Award…

  • On- or in their desk
  • Inside their text book
  • Attach to a returned assignment
  • Pin to a classroom bulletin board
  • Give to parent(s) at parent-teacher conferences

(2) Do Your Younger Students Need Coaching in What Citizenship Means? Help Children Connect the Dots: They are Citizens in Our Community Too! CiViCs for KiDs is an introductory civics lesson suitable for Ages 5 -10.

  • Presentation shares what it means to be a citizen.
  • Gives the message of what good citizen conduct is.
  • Includes eight (8) Q&As for active class discussions!

Concept Highlights Include:

  • Explains WHO is a Citizen
  • Who are Special Types of Citizens
  • Citizens Who Do Government Jobs
  • Instills Social Responsibility Guidance
  • Embedded Morality for Citizen Ethics
  • NO PREP- 8 Integrated Q&A Points
  • Simple, Fun and Engaging Awareness
  • Present PDF as Handouts or Show Overhead

Size: 100 Pages Total / Format: PDF