Charitable Giving Guide


Charitable Giving instills the concept of Community Service. A Super Skill Set and Awareness Activity for Young Adults!

Introductory Self Assessments and Worksheets:

  1. Defining Charitable Giving with Focus Words
  2. Learn Where, How and Ways to Contribute
  3. Describe Intrinsic Value of Benefiting Others
  4. How and Where Do I Help? And, When to Give
  5. Identify Resources Charities Use Such as:
    Time, Donations, and Volunteer Work

Teacher Guide Includes:

  • 5 Exercises to Integrate Charitable Giving.
  • Numerous Class and/or Group Discussions.
  • Teacher Notes > Complete Self Guided Lesson.
  • Flexible Guide > Handouts for Independent Work.
  • In Black & White ~ No Prep Printable!

Effective Activity for:

  • Critical Thinking and Growth Mindset
  • Character Development
  • Citizenship and Leadership
  • Civics and Social Responsibility

Size: 15 Pages / Format: PDF