Cell Phones: The New Social OBSESSION



Cell Phones need NO explanation. They are an everyday essential tool, and an extension of ourselves in very many ways. But, there is no denying cell phones can cross social and ethical boundaries. And miscommunication often results.

This guide provides social awareness of cell phone habits. Activities introduce critical thinking skills using the STAR method for approaching typical cell phone abuses that challenge all of us on occasion. STAR is an acronym that stands for: Situation-Task-Action-Resolutions. In these ETHICS Exercises STAR is applied to problem solving issues that are unique to cell phone users.

  • Exercises for Resolving Common Cell Phone Conflicts
  • Questionnaires for Discovery: Opinion vs. Fact Finding
  • Assessments for Self Awareness Cell Phone Habits
  • Activities on Social Impacts & Addictive Behaviors
  • Discuss Parental Control versus Student Rights + More!
  • Critical Thinking Designed for Today’s Concerns!

Optional $avings Set! 2-Pack Includes STAR Target Guide!

Size: 22 Pages / 659 KB / Format: PDF