Cell Phone Etiquette


Social Responsibility is Self Regulation for Cell Phone Etiquette and Use. Engaging Activity Guide Addresses:

  • Citizenship, Character Traits, Civics, and Morality
  • Interpersonal Communication and Relationships
  • Leadership Conduct and Problem-Resolution
  • Media Habits, Addictions and Learned Behaviors
  • Parental Rights and Classroom Management

Help Support Your Students on their Journey for Awareness. And, Inspire Choices that Lead to Excellent Cell Phone Habits for Life!

Cell Phones are an everyday essential tool, and an extension of ourselves in many ways. But, there is no denying cell phones can cross social and ethical boundaries. And miscommunication often results.

This guide provides social awareness of cell phone habits.

  1. Worksheets: critical thinking for personal conduct.
  2. The STAR method utilizes: Situation-Task-Action-Resolutions. (The STAR format is applied to common problem – resolution issues.)
  3. Choice-consequence and situational decision making.


  • Assessments for Self Awareness Cell Phone Habits
  • Citizen Duty as Applied to Public Cellular Behaviors
  • Discussions on Parental Control versus Student Rights
  • Questionnaires for Opinion Polls vs. Fact Finding
  • Critical Thinking for Contemporary Societal Matters
  • Exercises Resolving Situational Cell Phone Conflicts
  • Activities on Social Impacts and Addictive Behaviors

Size: 22 Pages / Format: PDF