Can You Hear Me NOW?



Can You Hear Me Now? Is an effective learning to listen guidebook in a workbook format. Listening is the primary reason for conflicts in communication. Relationships are tested because one person cannot, or does not, understand the other.

Listening is a communication skill. And, a learned behavior habit instilled by the family upbringing and socialization. Listening is critical to all successful interpersonal interactions. However, many people do not understand:

  • Why they do not understand another person’s viewpoint
  • Why they cannot hear what is really being said
  • Why they do not comprehend the content of words
  • Why they are frustrated when talking with others

Understand: No one can respond proactively without listening skills FIRST~!
This guided workbook will answer all these questions and provide easy-to-understand knowledge that can be used in your very next conversation.

Life Long Skill Development and Objectives:
Discern and Evaluate listening habits to modify (or change) for positive results.
Understand why listening skills are key to successful relationships.
Develop effective attentive habits to hear others, as they want to be heard.
Analyze to pinpoint challenges that prevent you from understanding others.
Incorporate and apply questions and paraphrase to understand mix messages.
Comprehend that to listen is the start to learning a person’s perspective and perception.

Chapter Topics: Worksheets in Every Section!

  1. Listening is Challenging
  2. Poor Listening Habits
  3. Reasons to Listen
  4. Good Listening Habits to Develop
  5. – Ask Questions
  6. – Paraphrase
  7. – Empathize
  8. Quick Review / Answer Sheet
  9. Discussion Questions
  10. Group Activities!

Suggested Uses for Workbook:

  • Share on overhead as a whiteboard presentation
  • Handouts for the self-guided, or group brainstorm activities
  • Offer a worksheet to begin critical thinking assignment
  • Use the questions to start class discussions
  • As an icebreaker, or class opener
  • Reference as a self help guide
  • Use as a classroom management tool!

Size: 24 Pages / Format: PDF