Business Law Wills & Estates


Personal Life Estate Planning is Deciding on Whether to Make Out a Will or Trust. This Presentation Teaches the Difference between Wills and Trusts, Includes Activities!

True Life Estate Ethics with Common Social Scenarios! This Business Law presentation is a ‘mini-course’ that provides an in-depth, easy to understand overview on wills, estates and trusts. Includes an additional 10 question worksheet packet to spark class engagement.

Highlights Include:

  • Definitions and Legal Terminology
  • Compare between Wills and Trusts
  • Consequences With and/or Without a Will
  • Types of Trusts – Estate Dispersal + More
  • Asset for Social Studies, Civics, Ethics Classes
  • Critical Thinking for Responsible Choices

Interactive Activities:

  • Knowledge Checks
  • Terminology Quizzes
  • Discussion Topics
  • Challenging Q&As
  • Write Your Own Will Activity

WHY the “Spider in Your House” theme? Spiders are a symbolic metaphor for important issues that need attention in your life!

** Includes Business Law 10 Question Scenarios Worksheets
Social emotional situations to expand personal perspective!

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Responsible and Ethical Decision Making
  • Critical Thinking Development
  • Proactive Growth Mindset
  • Oriented to Situation – Response – Solution – Results
  • Assesses Difficult Family Tasks During Bereavement
  • Effective Engagement for Social Studies, Civics and Ethics

Convenient Teacher/Facilitator Ease of Use:

~ Print-and-Go Worksheets
~ Discussion Starters or Class Openers
~ Activities for Group or Independent Research
~ Use as an Assignment – Homework – Quiz

Size: 37 Pages / Format: PDF