Brands vs. Logos


People believe a brand and a logo are interchangeable, with the same purpose. However, there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between a product Brand and its Logo!
Graphic Art Designers, and Marketing Students, need to know the influential characteristics of both terms. Why? So that when an artist is creating a logo for business owners, it is an accurate and attractive representation that not only promotes, BUT SELLS, their product or service.

LOGOS & BRANDS is an informative PDF presentation formatted for viewing as a slideshow, or to use as handouts.

Pertinent Topics Include:

  • The Importance and Purpose of Branding
  • History and Evolution of Logos and Brands
  • The Distinction Between Logos and Brands
  • Evolutionary Examples of Company Logos
  • A Great Resource to Add to Your Graphic Arts and Marketing Library
  • Includes 3 Activities to Develop Personalized Logos

Benefits of this Presentation:

  • Understand differences of a brand versus a logo.
  • Comprehend the history of brand ownership, and how it applies to a product promotion.
  • Recognize that a logo is a physical graphic representation of a company brand.
  • Discriminate that product brands represent a business experience.
  • Create 3 personal logos to integrate the principles.
  • Presentation is short, to the point, and teaches a vital concept quickly.

Size: 16 Pages /  Format: PDF