Uniquely YOU = Authentic!



Lesson Objectives:

  1. Recognize Authenticity in Human Behavior
  2. Define Authenticity as Related to Personal Behavior
  3. Understand Behaviors that Brand an Authentic Person
  4. Recognize Your Own Unique Authenticity
  5. Describe Behaviors of Audacious Authenticity
  6. Distinguish Your Unique Audacious Behaviors
  7. Describe Behaviors that Enhance Authenticity
  8. Understand Happiness is Owning Who You Are!

Suggested Uses for this Lesson:

  • Opening Class Task
  • Group Discussion Starters
  • Student Character Feedback
  • Prompts Values Assessment
  • Integrate into Ethics-Morality Lessons

Growth Mindset!

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Esteem Builder
  • Self Worth Actualization
  • Honors Choices for Lifestyles
  • Encourages Responsive Ownership of Self

Helps Teachers and Staff to:

  • Gage Student Self Worth
  • Evaluate Student Self Esteem
  • Determine Students Attitude About Self
  • Serves as a Benchmark to Aid-Assist Student Growth

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