Bipolar Friend on Brilliant, Creative & Spirit


Bipolar brilliance is bestowed to those special souls who are endowed genetically with this birthright. Celebrate the many vibrant aspects of creativity and spirituality from a bipolar friend’s point of view. Not-so-common yet popular topics are presented. Such as spiritual awakenings and soul source alignment. Creating conscious conditions that access the creative dimensions. And, techniques for tapping into alternative frequency zones to increase awareness.

Whether one is blessed with bipolar brilliance, or not; this guide is about its gifts. Its attributes. Its magical moments. And sacred spaces. Lets celebrate this wonder-filled genetic inheritance. And be awe inspired in what bipolar bestows upon its hosts. And, mostly, to the world!

An insightful guide for counselors, friends and relations thereto!

Size: 106 Pages / 703 KB / Format: PDF


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