BiG Business Ethics Activity



Students will role play being an Investigative Journalist who follows big business crisis which involves consumer product failings. This is an all inclusive independent student activity. Skill sets acquired and utilized includes:

  • Investigate and research a critical consumer product crisis
  • Planning and notation using a step-by-step template questionnaire
  • Report, Write, and Edit a blog that explains how a selected company ethically resolved a consumer product issue.

Students will be actively engaged in this comprehensive activity to enhance, develop, and create awareness in:

  • Critical Thinking Skills for Information Dissemination
  • Public Opinion, Response and Concerns
  • Big Business Ethics and Rationale for Resolving a Product Failing
  • Writing/Editing/Journaling Skills for Reporting Details
  • Fact Finding and Cross Reference Checks for Verification
  • Guidelines and Ideas for Effective Blog Writing

Size: 8 Pages / 684 KB / Format: PDF