BiG Business Ethics


BE an INVESTIGATOR ON ASSIGNMENT of a BUSINESS DISASTER and BLOG ABOUT IT! Engage and Captivate Students with this Intriguing Activity.

Participants role play being an Investigative Journalist who follows a big business crisis, which involves consumer product failings. This is a complete independent student activity. Skill sets acquired and utilized includes:

  • Investigate-research a critical consumer product crisis
  • Plan using a step-by-step template questionnaire
  • Report, write, and edit a blog that explains how one company resolved a consumer product issue.

Students will become absorbed in this project that:

  • Fact Finding and Cross Reference Checks to Verify
  • Rationale for Resolving a Product Failing
  • Critical Thinking for Information Dissemination
  • Guidelines and Ideas for Effective Blog Writing
  • Write/Edit/Journal Skills for Reporting Details
  • Public Opinion, Response, and Concerns
  • Assignment Rubric is Included!

NO-PREP Print-and-Use Assignment for:

  • Social Studies
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Civics and Business Ethics
  • Problem-Resolution Scenarios

Size: 8 Pages / Format: PDF