A Job Fit 4 YOU


Whether you are a newcomer, or experienced in the job market, at some point everyone looks at their career path and thinks, WHAT’S NEXT?

At the forefront of winning a new job position, are what skills you can offer, and how can, or does your interests fit in. Ideally, it’s best to match both to a career path you will enjoy, and be passionate about!

A Job Fit 4 You is for:

  1. High School students starting out. It’s never to early to evaluate your skills, expertise, innate talents, and how your interest can create a future dream job.
  2. Adults in transition often have transferable skills. This guide can help you re-define and pin-point your next occupation category.
  3. Adults who want a complete career change. As we gain experience, and our interests expand, new opportunities await in the workplace. Find out where you fit in!

A Job Fit 4 YOU is a Career Guide that will help you:

  • Assess interests when targeting possible careers.
  • Evaluate natural talents and skills.
  • Determine and define workplace environments.
  • Refine preferential work cultures to match lifestyles.
  • Evaluate personality and character traits for careers.
  • Examine preferences to determine best fit.
  • Develop step actions towards finding your dream job.

Guidebook Includes:

  • Proactive, Effective Step-Actions
  • 5 Targeted Worksheet Assessments
  • How to Evaluate Assessments & Examples
  • Teacher Taught- or Self-Directed Guide Book
  • Activities Aimed for Securing Results!

A great resource for matching anyone to their future career! 

Size: 50 Pages / Format: PDF