Page Design Formats for Graphic Art Layouts



Page Design is Paramount to ALL Graphic Art Publication!
If you are just starting out this book is for you! Why?
It starts with the basics that are the foundation of all great books. This guide has 50 tips, is to the point, and concise.

All sorts of great visuals are included! This book is a must have reference guide for layout and design artist starting out. Here is what you will learn:

~ No Nonsense Guided Help for Page Layouts
~ Understand the Difference in Type Fonts and Families
~ Typeface Terminology and its Application
~ Applying Proper Page Margins and Line Spacing
~ Using Color and Ideas for Design and Layouts
~ Creating Templates for Books and Websites

Suitable for:

  • *Book Layouts – All Print Media
  • *Power Points and Presentations
  • *Web Pages and Marketing Media
  • *Any and All Page Planning Formats

Size: 33 Pages / Format: PDF