30 Years to 30 Days: Seeds to Estrangement



Approximately 90% of Estrangements from children are caused by spouses during a divorce. It has sadly become commonplace and a social issue pushed under the rug.

30 YEARS to 30 DAYS is a journey that echoes many divorces. A story of decay borne from family dysfunctions. Children estranged at the hand of the opposing parent. And of entrenched, often biased legal systems.

These scenarios are not uncommon. But this book is uncommonly candid. Follow the twists of one woman’s unexpected fate. You will empathize with human frailties. Be at odds with morality issues. Become appalled at choices and amazed at heart wrenching decisions. Then wonder how a simple divorce can turn so bizarre.

Reflective lessons abound should you face a similar quest.
A MUST READ for every upcoming divorcee AND their adult children.

Size: 134 Pages / 1.12 MB / Format: PDF