3-Pack Boundary Setting


PERSONAL BOUNDARY SETTING IS A MUST HAVE FOR EVERYONE. And this Bundle of Resources is Primed and Loaded with Activities. All Lessons are NO Prep Printables = Ready to Use Right Now! 3 SELF-GUIDED COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES Click Links to Preview Individual Books

(1) Setting Personal Boundaries: Student Activity Guide with 6 Exercises

This is A Must Have Communication Skill Set for Young Adults! Help students understand and integrate their personal space needs protecting. Develop a life-long skill that will serve in relationships and interactions.


  1. Types of Boundaries
  2. The Benefits for Setting Boundaries
  3. How to Set Different Types of Boundaries
  4. Types of Boundary Busters
  5. Finding Your Own Personal Space Boundary
  6. How to Enforce Boundaries

(2) Personal GREETING BOUNDARIES: A Handshake, Hug 0R None At All

DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR PERSONAL GREETING BOUNDARY IS? Define, and understand what your special body space requires. And learn how to tell or show someone what your “Hello” comfort is. DETERMINE EXACTLY WHAT YOUR GREETING FEELING LIMITS ARE! This Printable Activity Helps You to Evaluate and Integrate Your Intimate Comfort Levels and Safety Zones!

What Are Your Greeting Limits?
Is it a Handshake, Hug or None At All?

  • Bring awareness to initial behaviors.
  • Build confidence when meeting others.
  • Assess private intimate zones before first seeing others.
  • Mindfully set boundaries concerning body contact when greeting.
  • Appreciate and respect others behaviors, responses, and boundaries.
  • Establish preferred conduct in interpersonal communications.

(3) Saying “NO” is Saying YES to Boundary Setting

DO YOU SAY “YES” WHEN YOU REALLY WANT TO SAY “NO”? Personal Boundary Setting Language is a Must-Have Skill for EVERYONE!

  • Saying “NO” Empowers Your Self Respect to Set Limits!
  • A Polite “No Thank You” Means Don’t Cross This Line with Kindness.
  • Perception Check: No Statements are Loving Yourself First!

The Goals of this Activity Helps You to…
Say “NO” As It Really Says”YES” to YOU.
And Honors Your Feeling Comfort Level!

  • Be mindful of your personal boundaries.
  • Build confidence when saying “NO” or “No more”.
  • Be aware to oral communication and language behaviors.
  • Fine tune words being relayed when saying “NO” to others.
  • Appreciate and respect others asking, even when you say “NO”.
  • Discern situations to set boundaries to heed your comfort zone.


  • No-Prep Printable
  • Worksheets for Handouts
  • Workbook Format
  • Discussion Starters

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