Anti-Bully Guides


Preview The Narcissist Check List:


Narcissism is a Serious Personality Disorder.
And a Relationship with One is Quite Challenging!

Learn How to Navigate Their Stronghold…

  1. Empower Yourself with Communication Skills
  2. Deal with Covert Control and Deception
  3. Identify the Character Traits to Cope


  • Understand Narcissist Manipulating Behaviors
  • Navigate Passive Aggression and Gaslighting
  • Learn Coping Skills for this Type of Abuse
  • Examine the Facts of Your Relationship
  • Get Communication Coaching for Anti-Bullying
  • Trust Yourself and Take Charge When Being Bullied!
  • Self Assessment Evaluation Worksheets Included

Size: 27 Pages / 1 MB / Format: PDF

Preview Passive Aggressive Behaviors:


People who cope with Passive Aggressive Communication Behaviors know this dysfunction is known as Crazy Making!

Indirect messages are challenging and difficult to understand. And, often these mixed up messages cause conflicts in relationships at home, school, workplace, and with family and friends. As well, passive aggression is a tactic narcissist use to gain control of a conversation and bully others. Don’t let others with poor communication skills derail you ever again! Learn the patterns and step in to redirect conversations for positive results.

This Guide Will Give Successful Strategies for Coping with Conflicts and Finding Resolution!

You will Learn…

  • How passive-aggressive behaviors are expressed.
  • How to confront and handle conflicts successfully.
  • How to resolve communication issues with clarity.

Use this in the Workplace, at School, and for ALL Environments.
Works with peers, teachers, students, employers, family & friends!

Size: 28 Pages / 1 MB / Format: PDF