100+ Interview Questions


Job Interviewing is EXTREMELY competitive in today’s job hunting markets.
You cannot throw out impromptu answers without preparation first. A serious contender knows- and shows they are qualified (with skills) and savvy (with appropriate etiquette) to their current career search. It is not enough to have job skills. You need to have observable behavioral responses for situational tasks that demand attention to detail. This means, being PREPARED with astute answers. These questions hit key topics recruiters seek. You need Job Interview Questions to prime your job seekers with self-confidence to win their desired position with success.

Benefits of Purchasing this Product:

  • NO Prep to You: Just Copy, Cut out, and Use Immediately.
  • Over 100 Task Cards Containing Qualifying Quick Questions.
  • Ready-made Interview Cards for Company Recruiters .
  • Career Counselors and Teacher Use as Recruiter-Interviewee Role Plays.
  • Provide Students Critical Thinking Skills for Situation-Action-Response Scenarios.
  • Gets ANYONE Mentally Ready for Their Interview.
  • An Effective Resource and Asset for Career Guidance.

Interview Cards Include these Categories:

  • ** Basic & Common
  • ** Behavioral
  • ** Situational
  • ** Character and
  • ** Challenging

Size: 24 Pages with 100+ Question Cards / Format: PDF