Interview Questions + STAR Guide



Get Your Best Results Out of a Job Interview … and WIN THE JOB! Let these 2 complementary resources guide your way!

100+ Interview Questions will prepare you for common recruitment inquires.

The Star Target Guide provides a mindset for answering interview questions. Recruiters want to know how you handled challenging work situations. (They want you to state the situation you dealt with, what you were tasked to do, and the action steps you took to get results.)

This AWESOME 2 Pack Includes:

(1) Interview Questions 4 Getting a Job~

  •  Includes way over 100+ Questions
  •  Questions are set up as task cards to copy and cutout
  •  Variety of questions Include:
    *Common; * Behavioral; *Situational; *Character; *Challenging
  •  A must have for interview preparation!

(2) STAR Target GUIDE is a Guided Lesson Plan.
STAR is an acronym that stands for *Situation * Task * Action * Result.

The STAR Target GUIDE includes numerous exercises that are easy to comprehend and integrate. Learn to apply the STAR method to any school project, on a job interview, or in a relationship. This activity book will show students how to apply this simple concept in a variety of environments.

Activities! Reference Charts! Examples!
Printable worksheets include these categories:

  • Assignments
  • Communication Issues
  • Job Interview Questions
  • Challenging Life Concerns
  • Setting Personal Goals

Excellent Guides to help students respond to any interview question and get the job they want.

Size: 42 Pages / 1.68 MB / Format: PDF