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Patty Ann’s Pet Project 2019 Year End News!

Fall into Winter Greetings for 2019!
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Wintertime Animal Care & Comfort Tips

Many folks still believe animals can withstand all weather. But for domesticated animals, their ancestral hardiness has been bred out in favor of show ring- and indoor qualities. Dogs, cats, horses and others are affected by severe climates. Therefore, here are some common sense winter time tips & ideas to share:

  • A make shift or natural shelter can help. A board fence can serve as a wind break. A grove of trees can be a storm shelter, or a sun shade.
  • There are many options and reasonable, portable shelters for purchase in the marketplace now–even for livestock.
  • Let outside animals have a break inside. Bring them into the garage, a basement, or a barn. Even a cubby hole inside a haybale is refuge.
  • If pets must be outside provide any type of shelter; be it a cardboard box. Put an electric blanket or heating pad inside, or a heat lamp overhead.
  • All animal breeds have inexpensive waterproof warm apparel available.
  • Provide (preferably tepid) clean water to drink. Check water buckets daily.
  • Feed high protein foods, or grains, that help keep animals warm.
  • Pet and hug your animals daily – Let them know YOU CARE! ­čÖé News

Running an epublishing business certainly has its road bumps. Over the last couple years the marketplace has become extremely challenging. Here are some insights…
  • First, ebook host sites are taking larger commissions from authors. ­čÖü
  • Second, sadly there is a lot of plagiarism. There are those who buy best selling products and reproduce the content verbatim. Then re-sell it as their own. It appears no one respects copyrighted materials anymore.
  • Third, every genre in e-publishing is saturated making competition fierce causing reactive price wars that are commonplace and prolific.

These issues have affected my e-publishing efforts immensely. I have produced far more products to compensate for the above, yet the return has not kicked in…yet. Therefore the aforementioned has pushed me to re-prioritize.

Progress Continues Regardless!

This year I re-opened my ETSY store. I developed more artsy products that are more in line with what ETSY offers. I also closed a few test market stores that proved unproductive. It’s an ongoing adventure and discovery in epublishing. Pinterest has been my main source for advertising. Therefore I have developed interesting pins that have have had wide audience appeal. Pins link to my products and/or to my BLOGworthy articles. Of course animals are a center stage feature to help the Pet Project cause. Some samples below are linked:

I continue to support animal rescues via proceeds when available, albeit silently. I no longer advertise donation recipients openly, thus my Pet Project Facebook Group Page is now used solely to support and promote animal comforts, and cause awareness.

I hope this year end brings you a peaceful closure to 2019.
Happy Holidays Ahead to Each One of YOU!
~ Patty Ann