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JD’s Rainbow

27 years young JD now joins my others across the rainbow bridge. I first met JD when he was 5. When I recommended to my good friend, Kathy: BUY HIM. A couple years thereafter Kathy gifted him to me. JD had uncanny common sense. Yet, he could have easily ended up at the renders. He came with a rearing issue. I told my friend, she would not recognize him in 2 years. JD just needed a leader.

JD proved to be an excellent parade horse. In fact, loved preening as he waltzed down the procession corridor. A leading gymkhana competitor, 5 years running. And, proved himself again, after 6 years off, where I relocated. Completely trustworthy. JD became a trail horse extraordinaire. Calm, thoughtful, careful. Irreplaceable. And, mostly- always he was family. One with bold character. JD was possessive with his pasture. Ran out bears feeding off HIS apple trees. Yet always shared his territory with our own pets. Swimming the river. Horse camping. Poker rides. Springwood Ranch weekends. Cow penning. And more. We had a great life.

He was the black and white pinto pony I always coveted. The one I would cut in line to ride at the pony ring at Seattle’s Woodland park zoo when I was five. Who knows, maybe JD reincarnated into the larger version to become my dream horse come true.

I stood watching the truck drive off to the east carrying JD’s body. Within minutes a perfectly arched rainbow stretched over the road where JD had just traveled. The Rainbow was filled with vivid primary colors! Coincidence? No. Nature is always perfect- and complete.