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HOT Summer Events!

This summer heats up in multiple ways! First Up – is my FIRST ever 50% off ALL books on this site – including any sale bundles! Sale goes through August 31, so don’t delay! And, of course book sales support animal comforts!

Did I say this summer was hot! Southern Oregon where I reside is sizzling. Not only from the typical over 100 temps either! Dry lightening strikes two weeks ago set off too many fires in my area and Northern California…not to mention other parts of Oregon. We are smoked in and smoked out. Air quality is rated VERY UNHEALTHY.

If you live in such an environment, please remember your animals living outside are affected too. Do NOT ride horses or press any exercise on any animal. This includes going to competitive events (where sponsors have not canceled them). From horse shows to dog agility events. Any activity that requires the lungs to work, is not easy for animals.

Take extra care! Leave out fresh water buckets for your animals who will drink much more! Also, distressed and/or passing wildlife will be looking for water. And just because your dog may have an outside dog house, do not assume it is cool inside the house! Best to bring animals in out of the heat- or provide a breezey area with a fan.

Stay cool everyone. We still have August to go!