Let’s Have a Conversation!

Skills for Living Life > Offered: Expertise and/or Another Perspective!

  • Oral Communication Skills: Successfully Navigating Interpersonal Relationships
  • Guidance on Tough Topics: Bipolar, Estangement & Family Dynamics
  • Workshop, Seminar & Class Planning for Engaging Adult Learners
  • Training Assessments, Critiques & Instructional Development
  • Self Publishing: How-To-Do Basics to Marketing & Beyond
  • Writing Assignments & Graphics Design for All Genres

Personalized for YOU

  • One-on-One or Group Chats
  • Private Guidance is Always Confidential
  • Group Discussions are Tailored to Audience Requests
  • By Appointment: Email, Phone, and in Person

Use Our Time Together To: 

  • Procure resources-get ideas for life quandaries, challenges, and/or concerns.
  • Ask questions to receive a new viewpoint outside your thought patterns.
  • Suggestions, ideas and how-to tips, so you can consider new angles.
  • Design and/or outline  a writing or instructional project.
  • Rethink challenging situations to change into positives.
  • Procure practical outcomes with step actions.
  • Learn focus to direct and achieve your desires.

Get Ready to Chat!

  • Come with specific questions, concerns or projects to resolve.
  • Keep an open mind. Consider this as a reciprocal coaching experience.
  • And, mostly just RELAX and have FUN with our conversation exchange.

My Style
Living life experiences and resolving deep contrasts have procured my unique talents. Listening, along with a keen awareness of communication styles enables me to pinpoint your desires. Allow me to help you find resolve, answer questions, or provide a fresh viewpoint. My strong moral code offers confidentiality, safe keeping, honor for your choices, empathy and compassion. Foremost, I provide clarity along with concrete life tools gained from insights. My conversations encourage you to tap your inner guidance. Together we will explore your wishes to find a path that feels right for you. My chats are most likened to a good friend sharing ideas–a helping hand that aids a smoother journey.

Fees Fund the Pet Project
Conversation receipts are tax deductible, because all consults fund Patty Ann’s Pet Project, a 501(c)(3) for animal welfare. Verify through Guidestar!

Whether you request a personal phone call or in depth email-online consultation:
$30/30 Minutes . $40/45 Minutes . $50/60 Minutes

Please email reachme@pattyann.net to set up YOUR appointment time, and to discuss the topic(s) you’d like to explore. Put “PRIVATE CONSULT REQUEST” in the Subject Line. Phone consultation times are flexible and based on your preference. Please Paypal funds before we commence our session. Do Inquire further, even if curious.

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