Coaching Conversations


  • E-publishing, Step Actions, Marketing (All Genres & Aspects)
  • Social Media: Pinterest, Pin Schedulers, Reseller Markets
  • Real Estate: FSBO, Realty Agents, Investing, Landlord/Tenant
  • Career, Job Readiness, and Employment Fit for You
  • Writing, Graphic Design Formats, Online Presence


  • Guidance for Tough Topics: Bipolar and Estrangement
  • Proactive Language and How to Communicate in Relationships
  • Boundary Setting, Behavior Modification, Making Choices
  • Navigating Relationships: Friends, Family, Partners and Peers


  • Instructional Design for ALL Genres
  • Workshop Development, Class Planning and Design
  • Complete Realtor Marketing Course CLICK HERE

Personalized for YOU
~ Private Guidance is Always Confidential.
~ By Appointment: Email, Phone, and in Person (If Preferred)

Get iDEAs and Perspective
~ Receive another viewpoint, how-to tips, or suggestions.
~ Take away practical solutions with pro-active step actions.
~ Attain focus, (re)direction or clarification to achieve desired results.

Get Ready to Chat!
Find resolve, a fresh viewpoint, or get guidance. Empathy and compassion respectfully, I honor your journey. I use clarity with insight. Our chat will explore your desires to find a path that feels right for you. I provide a lot of creative ideas to provide you with choices and options. Please…

* Come with specific questions, concerns or problems to examine-and resolve.
* Keep an open mind. Consider this a reciprocal learning experience.
* Mostly RELAX and have FUN with our coaching conversation.

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Donations are appreciated, not required on initial consults. (Those in pain need support! Please call.)
-Recommended Donation is Based on Coaching Time (Email or Phone):
-30 minutes/$25; 45 minutes to 1 hour/$45; Paid via Paypal.
All donations fund Patty Ann’s Pet Project, a 501(c)(3) for animal welfare. Verify through GUIDESTAR!
Consults are via a personal phone call, or by an email conversation.
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