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Patty Ann’s Pet Project 2019 Year End News!

Fall into Winter Greetings for 2019!
In this newsletter: *Wintertime Pet Care Tips & *Updates from

Wintertime Animal Care & Comfort Tips

Many folks still believe animals can withstand all weather. But for domesticated animals, their ancestral hardiness has been bred out in favor of show ring- and indoor qualities. Dogs, cats, horses and others are affected by severe climates. Therefore, here are some common sense winter time tips & ideas to share:

  • A make shift or natural shelter can help. A board fence can serve as a wind break. A grove of trees can be a storm shelter, or a sun shade.
  • There are many options and reasonable, portable shelters for purchase in the marketplace now–even for livestock.
  • Let outside animals have a break inside. Bring them into the garage, a basement, or a barn. Even a cubby hole inside a haybale is refuge.
  • If pets must be outside provide any type of shelter; be it a cardboard box. Put an electric blanket or heating pad inside, or a heat lamp overhead.
  • All animal breeds have inexpensive waterproof warm apparel available.
  • Provide (preferably tepid) clean water to drink. Check water buckets daily.
  • Feed high protein foods, or grains, that help keep animals warm.
  • Pet and hug your animals daily – Let them know YOU CARE! ūüôā News

Running an epublishing business certainly has its road bumps. Over the last couple years the marketplace has become extremely challenging. Here are some insights…
  • First, ebook host sites are taking larger commissions from authors. ūüôĀ
  • Second, sadly there is a lot of plagiarism. There are those who buy best selling products and reproduce the content verbatim. Then re-sell it as their own. It appears no one respects copyrighted materials anymore.
  • Third, every genre in e-publishing is saturated making competition fierce causing reactive price wars that are commonplace and prolific.

These issues have affected my e-publishing efforts immensely. I have produced far more products to compensate for the above, yet the return has not kicked in…yet. Therefore the aforementioned has pushed me to re-prioritize.

Progress Continues Regardless!

This year I re-opened my ETSY store. I developed more artsy products that are more in line with what ETSY offers. I also closed a few test market stores that proved unproductive. It’s an ongoing adventure and discovery in epublishing. Pinterest has been my main source for advertising. Therefore I have developed interesting pins that have have had wide audience appeal. Pins link to my products and/or to my BLOGworthy articles. Of course animals are a center stage feature to help the Pet Project cause. Some samples below are linked:

I continue to support animal rescues via proceeds when available, albeit silently. I no longer advertise donation recipients openly, thus my Pet Project Facebook Group Page is now used solely to support and promote animal comforts, and cause awareness.

I hope this year end brings you a peaceful closure to 2019.
Happy Holidays Ahead to Each One of YOU!
~ Patty Ann

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Benefits to Buyers for Buying Right Here!

Bountiful Buyer Benefits!

No Account to Purchase!
Appreciate the ease of a fast check out -and not having to remember more account passwords. Although accounts keep track of your purchases, just make sure you keep your email receipt so you can access your downloads at any time. You can contact us with your name and books bought, so your purchases can be retrieved for  you.

Unlimited Downloads!
Purchases made on this site are granted unlimited downloads. Always get the latest updates and editions to all ebooks and products–and download them immediately.¬†

NO Sales Tax or VAT Fees!
Patty Ann’s Pet Project is registered in the state of Oregon, where there is NO sales tax collected on your purchase. As well, there is no extra surcharges as VAT fees applied. At you PAY ONLY for the cost of you purchase!

Secure Online Shopping Cart Purchases! is https protocol, and our online processor is certified secured by Comodo. It is easy and fast, plus you get your products emailed immediately!

PDF eBooks Offers Well Designed Page Content
All ebooks on this site are PDFs, which are well formatted, easy to read, and designed for interest. Products sold at TeachersPayTeachers  are the same PDFs as sold here. All other outlets sell epub formats.

 ePUB eBooks Offers All Device Flexibility
Other resale outlets sell epub ebooks which are readable on all devices. While the content is the same, the page format varies and is not a set design as a PDF offers.¬† Due to the nature of teaching products, ALL lessons and complete product lines are only sold through or¬†TeachersPayTeachers¬†or ETSY. However,’s general reading genres are offered at all resale outlets.¬†

Thank YOU & ENJOY!



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2018 Year End Newsletter & Recap

Oh My! Seems like yesterday I was writing a year end update for 2017~! I sincerely hope you are enjoying this season with your fur families. As for a recap, here are some pet related highlights, both personally and professionally, over the past year.


In January¬†I adopted a bright orange kitty¬†I named¬†“Mr. Orbit”. He¬†was one of 120 cats and kittens rescued by Rogue Valley Humane Society from¬†an extreme hoarding situation. Born into that environment left Orbit sickly and with many social issues. Leave it to me to claim him, knowing in a quiet space he would recuperate and blossom. My Lunar immediately welcomed his new brother. Playing¬†nursemaid, Lunar¬†gave¬†Orbit the much needed cat manners and kitty love necessary to heal. Now almost a year later, I am happy to report Mr. O is one¬†fat, sassy, and¬†silly kitty. ūüôā

Lily Left & JD Right

In April I lost my beloved¬†JD to old age. JD came to me with dangerous behavior issues long ago. Over time and¬†with patience,¬†he grew into a top notch parade mount and leading¬†gymkhana¬†competitor. Unsurpassed, JD was¬†trail wise; a¬†safe and savvy¬†trekker. A loyal¬†friend who left a giant hoof-print in my heart. After the truck took JD’s body from our home, a HUGE bright rainbow stretched in an arch across the road…which did not go unnoticed by my neighbors. JD’s remains rest¬†in a cow pasture overlooking the Rogue River. A truly fitting resting spot for this cow penning pony. Yet, his spirit fills my,¬†now, much quieter¬†farm. This is the first time in over 20 years that I have a one horse ranch. It was an adjustment, for me -and JD’s long time companion, Lily, who is now spoiled rotten getting all the attention she deserves.


As per ongoing evaluations, there were some vendor adjustments this year. Last fall I added another education vendor, only to have this reseller close down this spring! Competition is tough in this marketplace. Especially, against TeachersPayTeachers where my lesson books sell steady. Then, after discovering another overseas education vendor, I decided to test these waters. Right now I am in the wait and see stage. Typically, new vendors are on trial for about a year to determine if my products fit their markets, and are received well.

After seeing a surge sales for a couple of my teacher products in Ethics, I decided to add a few more one-day lesson plans. And, they are off and running! These lessons address current social issues that EVERYONE can relate to! Check them out Right HERE!

Another community venture this year was to expand my photography collections. I invited some wonderful hiking-photographer peers to contribute their photos, and they were enthusiastic to help out the Pet Project! I chose from approximately 4000 photos and created a number of unique photo packages. They are currently only sold at my TeachersPayTeachers store. All contributors are acknowledged in the product previews. I anticipate adding more unique collections in the future.

Pinterest continues to get much of my attention, as it is my primary advertising platform for my products. I have added more boards to my Pinterest collection recently and continue to update with new themes. In addition, a new a pin scheduler also helps cut down my time in pinning my ebooks to boards. I am happy to relieve the time of this task, and this app will provide other promotion opportunities. Check out My Boards!
And feel free to send me a message to join one or two!

This month marks the¬†THIRD¬†ANNIVERSARY¬†of¬†Patty Ann’s Pet Project!¬†What was once an inkling of a dream, is now a full blown passion project. My book sales have supported some wonderful animal sanctuaries and rescue groups over the last 3! years. Check out¬†my¬†Donation Recipients.

I hope this season brings a peaceful closure to your 2018 as we go forth to embark on yet another new year!

My Best to Each One of YOU in the NEW YEAR!

~ Patty Ann

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Photographers Collaborate with Patty Ann’s Pet Project!

This fall I invited several photographers to contribute their wonderful photographs to Patty Ann’s Pet Project collections, which are now hosted on TeachersPayTeachers for sale. These photographers eager to support the mission of my Pet Project generously opened up their photo collections. I was able to gleen off over 4,000+ photos -enough to bog down my computer memory! Since, have transferred all, and now work off an external drive. The last few weeks have been spent sorting, organizing, designing previews and covers, uploading- and promoting. And, there are still more photo collections to be made!

A BiG THANK YOU goes out to Beverly Kenney, Debbie Miller, Jim Wayman, Johnnie Kaye Montgomery and Ricardo Barrera. These awesome folks not only shared their stunning photos; but as animal lovers believe wholeheartedly in the mission of the Pet Project. This is a true community collaboration > connecting together to help animal welfare!

Here are some products that are now available. Stay tuned as more are in the works. Click on individual covers to access the previews and sales info.

(PS. ALL Photo Collections are ONLY sold at TeachersPayTeachers at this time.)




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Community > Connect > Collaborate!

My Pet Project’s¬†¬†August Animal Campaign of Direct Donations¬†&¬† eBook Sale¬†has¬†Ended.¬†A BiG THANK YOU goes out to Beverly Kenney for raising donations¬†through her Facebook Birthday Donation.¬† AND a BiG *THANK YOU* to¬†EVERYONE¬†WHO DONATED¬†via Bev’s Birthday¬†AND/OR donated directly or bought eBooks!¬†Truly this is a demonstration of my logo’s motto: Community * Connect * Collaborate!

Participants GIVING is was distributed to 4! VERY WORTHY rescue/rehab groups, Locally and afar! (Check out my Pet Project Recipients and Endorsement List at:

Sanctuary One, Applegate Valley Jacksonville, Oregon

Wildlife Images Rehab-Education Center, Merlin Oregon

Paw Posse Rescue-Rehab-Rehome Rio Grande Valley, Texas

Old Dog Haven, Lake Stevens, Washington

Check out Patty Ann’s Pet Project Group Page on Facebook!

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No Comments. No Ratings. No Nonsense. Right Here.

Notice this website has NO option for leaving comments and ratings on book purchases. This was intentional. Why? Because.¬†This is a simple website. Whose¬†intent is¬†to¬†offer products to¬†purchase, with no fanfare. A site that¬†provides complete information about Patty Ann books and my Patty Ann’s Pet Project. This¬†website is made to peruse through without clutter. Just the facts. Just the basic info.

Not letting buyers leave a comment or rating for a book they bought may seem unordinary.  Of course I appreciate the positive feedback and ratings. If you are moved to contribute a rating(s), please do so on my books posted on all my other webstore sites. I truly DO appreciate your purchase. And, enjoy your comments/ratings. However, I also wanted you to find what you need on without extra info and distractions.

And my no-nonsense approach also is the case for NOT requiring you to create a personal account to purchase a book here. No one needs to remember another login name or password. Anyone can make a purchase on this site expediently and with secure payment processing upon check out. My site was intended to be easy to use; a no-brainer.

Also if you’d like to be informed of new Patty Ann¬†books or events related to¬†my Pet Project please sign up for my newsletter. It is emailed approximately 2 or 3 times a year. Again. NO fanfare. Just updates and info. But you must sign up for it HERE¬†(half way down the page under Stay Posted) or on the CONTACT page (be sure to check the box).

Yup. I am a no-nonsense kinda gal. And that applies to everything I produce and do in my life. I live simple and love simplicity.

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Spring 2018 Newsletter

Happy Spring Update 2018!

The new year brought a new family member to my household. ‚ÄúMr. Orbit‚ÄĚ was rescued from an extreme hoarding situation the Rogue Valley Humane Society (RVHS)¬†stepped into handle. RVHS is one of the groups¬†Patty Ann’s Pet Project¬†supports. Over a 9 month period all 118! cats and several dogs were spayed/neutered, given vaccines and the necessary care before adopting out.

I had been wanting a play mate for my Lunar. Since losing our Toby last year, Lunar was quite lonely. I had thoughts about an orange kitty coming to us for sometime. At the first of the year I went online looking after a tell tale dream. And the last kitty I saw was ORANGE. I just had to go bring him home.

I learned of ‚ÄúMr. Orbit’s‚ÄĚ history when I adopted him. Born at this hoarding house, RVHS had treated him for everything under the sun, and he was still on meds. Told me that Orbit¬†had been quite withdrawn. I knew he just needed the right place to blossom. I didn’t hesitate one second knowing he had a recovery path ahead.

Fate? Serendipity? I don’t believe in coincidences. The day I brought Mr. Orbit home just happened to be exactly 6 years to the date that I had adopted my¬†TOBY¬†from the exact same place! On the one hour trip home, I swear Toby was sitting in the passenger seat next to me grinning ear to ear.

It took two months before Mr. Orbit, and yes I actually named him that!, relaxed enough to come sit on my lap, let me pick him up and hold him. He now trusts the world once again. Much is credited to Lunar who welcomed his new buddy right off. Lunar taught Orbit how to play like a kitty, taught him cat manners, groomed and care took him from the get go! As Orbit has grown up it is evident he suffered a back end trauma. He is quite cow-hocked and has a bit of a hitch in his gait. But he doesn’t care, nor does he hurt. Orbit has grown out of most all of his mental trauma, although he retains a super cautious nature.¬†Although my Patty Ann’s Pet Project does not rescue to re-home, I have adopted my furever family members through established rescues who do.

As for and publishing news I have continued to scrutinize my product line and pay closer attention to sales figures and trends. This caused me to create a few more Ethics Activities Teacher products for middle and high school. My lesson products continue to be my strongest sellers.

As well I finally got around to doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for my website. This is an area I simply put on the back burner due to time constraints. Typically I do all of my own work, except editing. But, sometimes it’s wise to hire in an expert to cut down the learning curve. And so I hired an SEO consultant to make recommendations and point me in the right direction. To which set me to doing SEO updates for the last few weeks. SEO is a whole education in itself. Lots to learn- and do- to make a website noticed. But, it will happen over time. However, for now I got one more ball rolling.

This year will be a time to step back and look at the big picture for Patty Ann books, website and the future of Patty Ann’s Pet Project. My book writing adventure started with one book uploaded to Amazon in 2012. From there my publishing path has branched into several niches. I do believe a part of business building is a journey to share with others. Some of my publishing lessons are shared in my books. However, I have also began creating tips, updates,¬†and FYI notes¬†through my BLOGworthy notes.

So stay tuned as my book- and pet project trots on!
And, don’t forget to stop and smell the Spring Flowers!

My Best!
Patty Ann 
Home of Patty Ann’s Pet Project

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Growing Niche Market = MORE Teacher CiViCs Lesson Plans!


Who Knew ETHICS Would be
MY Newest Niche Market!?

You never know what pops to the top as a strong seller. One of my short teacher lessons popped up to the #1 page rank in the ethics category at the site. And, yes! Definitely. I took notice. It takes a lot of sales at $3.+ to rise to a top seller in any category genre. So, decidedly it was time to add a few more CiViCS and ETHiCS lessons to my sales line up. (View Civics lessons HERE.)

Research the Potential for Your Market

The proper way to see if there is a market for a book- or lesson plan- on any subject – is BY RESEARCHING IT. I had always just let my ideas and passion for a subject steer the path for a new ebook. But no more. Especially when I see trends of a solo product selling strong month after month. This is one way to see what niche may be unfulfilled for lack of products in that category.

Write Your Passion? Or Aim for Sales

Doing a bit of searching inside ebook reseller sites will give you a good clue for sales rankings for particular ebook topics and genres. And, surprisingly it does not take that much time to do.¬†Early on in this self publishing game I would scope out and see unfulfilled niches. I could have sold out and help fill those niches. But, that is not my style. I’m inspired to write what makes me tick. Then see what comes of it. Not the best approach if your aim is to make money. But it can pay off if you pay attention to your sales trends.

Target Your Market

With over 130 products in the ebook marketplace I am more discerning. Of where, and how, I want to spend my time. Do I go ahead and write a lesson plan blindly….just because I LOVE creating it? OR. Do I do my homework to see what the competition currently is? The evidence became clear.

Routinely Review Sale Stats!

Over the past 6 months I did a complete sales analysis. And, it was quite revealing. Now reviewing book sales is part of my routine tasks. Why? Because trends and logic makes it clear. That niche markets pay off. Sure, creating ebooks is fun. But there comes a point you need to buckle into the business side of the equation. Especially if you plan on doing this for the long haul. Even–and MOSTLY if this is your PASSION!


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Better Late Than Never -FIRST EVER! Newsletter!

Greetings and Welcome to the Final Chapter of 2017!

At Last! Here are some pivotal points over the past year for my Pet Project. As a solo operator, creator, writer et all > I am finally glad to share progress in one of my rare newsletters! (Some things just have to take a second seat! But I will attempt to put out semi annual- if not quarterly updates to you in the future!)

  • In January¬†of this year -2017, sadly I lost my beloved Toby dog who inspired my Pet Project mission. He left a big pawprint upon my life and he is dearly missed.¬†To learn more about Toby’s significant¬†contributions click HERE.
  • This year¬†in the book building business brought on lots of¬†activity. In-between adding new books,¬†a much closer scrutiny of product sales occurred.¬†This analysis¬†was quite revealing! Consequently, many covers got¬†updated¬†to accurately reflect their content. As well, some content was¬†edited. A writer-publisher’s work is never done!
  • In November I added another education¬†vendor. Check out my new E-store¬†at¬†Teachers¬†Notebook.
  • Pinterest got a lot more of my attention as well. From organizing and updating,¬†to¬†creating new boards. Check out¬†MY BOARDS!¬† And feel free to send me a¬†message¬†to join one or two!
  • This month marks the¬†SECOND ANNUAL ANNIVERSARY¬†of¬†Patty Ann’s Pet Project!¬†I can’t even believe it myself! Where does time go?¬†What was once an inkling of a dream, is now a full blown passion project. My book sales have supported some wonderful animal sanctuaries and rescue groups over the last two years. Check out¬†my list of ongoing Donation Recipients.

I hope this season brings a rest filled closure to your 2017 as we prepare to embark on yet another new year!

My Best to Each One of YOU for 2018!

Patty Ann

P.S. If you would like to receive my occasional newsletters submit your request on the CONTACT page by checking off the SIGN ME UP BOX!

Copyright ©

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Patty Ann’s Pet Project Celebrates ONE YEAR in ACTION!

PaTtY aNnS PeT pRoJeCt CeLeBrAteS 1 YeAr in AcTioN!!!

Acknowledgement & Donations were Given to 14 Rescue Groups this 1st Year!!
ALL Made Possible By Book Sales!

NOW¬†is Selling Books directly to you…
thus $aving commissions that can go towards more Pet Project donations instead.
THANK YOU for sharing FB posts, emails, referrals, buying books and donating directly!

Pet Project

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Yup~ It IS TRUE! Sells Books Now!

Ready Get Set & GO > Now Selling eBooks Right Here!


Months of revamping and the result? ALL eBooks can now be sold directly to YOU!

My decision to sell on this site came about for several reasons.

FIRST, why pay commissions to other sites when I do my own advertising?

  • Those commissions will now go towards MORE funding of Patty Ann’s Pet Project Donations.
  • Also, many eBooks are able to be discounted at a savings to you. And, ALL eBook Sets are bundled for $AVING$!

SECOND, this site is no longer at the mercy of other selling site algorithms. Algorithms dictate where, who, how many times my books are seen.  The outcome has a huge influence on sales.

LAST, I wanted to give readers the option of not having to remember their account logins.

NOTE! ALL  of eBooks are in PDF format. PDF allows for a well designed, customized eBook.
EPUB is also included for many eBooks. EPUB accommodates eBook reading, but is not highly formatted.
Most all eBooks (PDF only) will continue to be sold at my TeachersPayTeachers Store.
Offsite eBook stores sell EPUB or Mobi formats, as shown on the HOME page.

If you have questions or comments, or any issue with downloads, please EMAIL ME! Thank YOU & ENJOY!

Posted on Book Proceeds Benefit Animal Rescues!

Did You Know . . .

ALL Book Proceeds Go Towards
Patty Ann’s Pet Project.
GOOD¬†NEWS!¬†Patty Ann’s Pet Project is a 501(c)(3).
We are a NONPROFIT & can ACCEPT Donations 4 Animal Welfare!

We owe animals ~ All of them.
For their immeasurable qualities of
Healing & unconditional love & acceptance.
By caretaking animals, humanity will continue to
Ascend to a higher place along with our furry friends.
Patty Ann’s Pet Project is a long time dream that is evolving.
Stay posted 
 & Thank YOU 4 Your Purchase !