Professional Bio

This is what I’ve done. It’s not all that I can do. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Let me know how I can help!

Patty Ann’s Bio: Book Author, Educator & Publisher
Writer of 99+ Teacher, Fiction and Nonfiction Books . . . and still counting!

Private or Group Conversations Tailored Specifically for Your Needs.

  • Oral Communication Skills: Successfully Navigating Interpersonal Relationships
  • Guidance on Tough Topics: Bipolar, Estangement & Family Dynamics
  • Workshop, Seminar & Class Planning for Engaging Adult Learners
  • Training Assessments, Critiques & Instructional Development
  • Self Publishing: How-To-Do Basics to Marketing & Beyond
  • Writing Assignments & Graphics Design for All Genres

My Expertises That Can Help You With…

Instructional Design & Training Development
Original Training Modules for Employee Development
Reconstruction / Re-purposing of Training Modules
Original Content Creation & Course Design
Web, Print, Promo and All Design Formats
Development for the Complete Training Package

Corporate Training Writer/Developer/Designer
FedEx, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Eddie Bauer, Media Services
+Numerous Independent Freelance Assignments

  • Human Resource Expertise
  • Customer Service & Empathy Training
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Marketing, Promo, All Media Genres
  • Recruitment & Retention, Internal Liaison
  • Project Management & Business Applications

Education & Teaching
College Instructor, High School Teacher
Expertise: Communications, Writing, Web Development,
Computer Applications, Project Management, Business,
Marketing, Printing & Publishing, Graphic Arts,
Career Guidance, Job Readiness Skills & Industry Placement.

University Instructional Designer
Online Written Content Generated for College Credit Courses
Expertise: Marketing, Customer Communications, Business Applications

Real Estate
30+ Years of Rental Property Management & Ownership
Extensive Remodel, Construction and Property Investment
Former Realtors License

Graphic Arts & Design
Graphic Arts Educational Course Designer/Instructor
Printing Shop Manager; for Several In-house & Commercial Companies
Extensive Freelance Graphic Design

Equine + Dog & Cat Enthusiast + Any Furry 4-Legs = An Animal Lover Extraordinaire!

I can help provide insight on many topics. Ask me!