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Send Only Positive Messages to Grieving Animals

Animals become
sad, depressed,
and grieve just as
much as humans.

When you tune
into an animals
grief you may feel
quite overwhelmed
with their heartbreak.

Animals become distraught for a variety of reasons. For instance, a goat losing its only pasture mate may bleat-cry for days. A routinely confined horse shows nothing, but is numb from depression. A companion animal develops anxiety when their owner dies. Or, when a family dog is abandoned at the humane society, or worse, she/he is confused and distressed. Animals feel loss as much as we do.

When you see an upset animal, you can help!
** Quiet and center yourself.
** Use your breath to relax.
** Focus on the animal.
** Open and soften your heart.
** Send sincere positive heartfelt emotion transmitted by your soul energy.

And send a message to….

1.♥ Acknowledge his/her state with compassion and empathy.
2.♥ Tell them you appreciate them- and their feelings.
3.♥ Thank them for sharing their emotions.
4.♥ Send gratitude for their honesty and beauty.
5.♥ Tell them they have value and are beautiful as they are.

NOTE >> DO NOT send a grieving animal sympathy, feel sorry for- or feel bad for them, as you might a human friend. Animals do not benefit from this type of human communication. While you may believe you are showing compassion, you are actually keeping a troubled animal in their uneasy spot.

Instead, acknowledge them, and their situation. Let them know you understand. Then move on. And send positive vibes of gratitude and worthiness. This will help an upset or anxious animal immensely. Your empathetic state of well being will lift another, even if temporary.

When you cannot fix a situation, just sending an acknowledgment is HUGE.

Learn to communicate with your pets and other animals on a deeper level of resonance! It is a language of reciprocal respect that comes from your heart–and quite easy to learn!

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