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Estrangement is a Transition Journey. Let My Books Help YOU Navigate!

In Times of Transition…

Everyone has a heartfelt journey during their own ESTRANGEMENT process. And, I appreciate every person’s path. I lived–and survived an estrangement that redefined my life.

I am now, well on the other side of “Estrangement”. And, would like to offer some ideas-insight… what worked for me… in hopes this may help another:

The old adage that goes: you can only change yourself; and nobody else, is the ultimate truth during this time. Redirecting our focus onto ourselves FIRST is the FIRST step back to reclaiming our happiness.

Primarily, we LIVE where our thoughts are focused. Our thoughts and perceptions are ours alone which create our own reality. Changing a thought is simple. BUT IT IS NOT EASY. It takes mindful discipline to redirect unpleasant thinking into feel good thoughts. Especially so during estrangement.

Start small. Be mindful… Of how you feel… Where your thoughts are living. Be cognizant towards replacing and redirecting thoughts. Remember happy times. Either from your youth, before children– or how you’d like to reinvent your life ahead, again without children. This is about YOU alone. Finding YOUR HAPPY SPOT.

Estrangement bears the gift of making us stronger. Our beliefs are destined to be rearranged. Our own issues get challenged until we own them. You cannot turn back. Paddle your canoe downstream. Go with the flow of it –and learn from this passage. Resist it, and estrangement will devour you.

WE each have our own lessons to learn from this time. And we have a choice: How and what to think- each and every minute. Changing your thoughts will change your reality. Start by doing one deed a day to make you FEEL GOOD: Eat a chocolate. Read a great book. Take a walk. Meditate. Listen to great music. Anything to get those good vibes flowing back to YOU-yourself.

My Best to EACH ONE of YOU during this transition!