Let’s Have a Conversation!

Skills for Living Life > Offered: Expertise and/or Another Perspective!

  • Oral Communication Skills: Successfully Navigating Interpersonal Relationships
  • Guidance on Tough Topics: Bipolar, Estangement & Family Dynamics
  • Workshop, Seminar & Class Planning for Engaging Adult Learners
  • Training Assessments, Critiques & Instructional Development
  • Self Publishing: How-To-Do Basics to Marketing & Beyond
  • Writing Assignments & Graphics Design for All Genres

Personalized for YOU

  • One-on-One or Group Chats
  • Private Guidance is Always Confidential
  • Group Discussions are Tailored to Audience Requests
  • By Appointment: Email, Phone, and in Person

Use Our Time Together To: 

  • Procure resources-get ideas for life quandaries, challenges, and/or concerns.
  • Ask questions to receive a new viewpoint outside your thought patterns.
  • Suggestions, ideas and how-to tips, so you can consider new angles.
  • Design and/or outline  a writing or instructional project.
  • Rethink challenging situations to change into positives.
  • Procure practical outcomes with step actions.
  • Learn focus to direct and achieve your desires.

Get Ready to Chat!

  • Come with specific questions, concerns or projects to resolve.
  • Keep an open mind. Consider this as a recipocal coaching experience.
  • And, mostly just RELAX and have FUN with our conversation exchange.

My Style
Living life experiences and resolving deep contrasts have procured my unique talents. Listening, along with a keen awareness of communication styles enables me to pinpoint your desires. Allow me to help you find resolve, answer questions, or provide a fresh viewpoint. My strong moral code offers confidentiality, safe keeping, honor for your choices, empathy and compassion. Foremost, I provide clarity along with concrete life tools gained from insights. My conversations encourage you to tap your inner guidance. Together we will explore your wishes to find a path that feels right for you. My chats are most likened to a good friend sharing ideas–a helping hand that aids a smoother journey.

Fees Fund the Pet Project
And, your receipt is tax deductible when you support Patty Ann’s Pet Project, a 501(c)(3) for animal welfare. Verify through Guidestar!

Whether you request a personal phone call or online consultation:
$30/30 Minutes . $40/45 Minutes . $50/60 Minutes

Please email reachme@pattyann.net to set up YOUR appointment time, and to discuss the topic(s) you’d like to explore. We can set up a time based on your preference. Please Paypal funds before we commence our session. Do Inquire further, even if curious.

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