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Benefits to Buyers for Buying Right Here!

Bountiful Buyer Benefits!

It’s obvious! All Patty Ann  ebooks, artwork & photography are sold right here on What are the advantages to you?

Lower Pricing!
Ebooks sold here at are less expensive and save you money. Since this site does not pay out a commission rates or other fees, ebooks are offered here at a discount.

No Account to Purchase!
As an online buyer myself, I appreciate the ease of a fast check out -and not having to remember more account passwords. Although accounts typically keep track of your purchases, you can do the same. Make sure you keep your email receipt so you can access your downloads at any time. Or, if you truly forget you can contact us with your name and books bought, so your purchase can be retrieved for  you.

Unlimited Downloads!
Yes it is true! Purchases from this site are granted to unlimited downloads. Therefore, you can always get the latest updates and editions to all ebooks and products–and download them immediately. Although many of my lesson products are geared for timeless advice I strive to offer ebooks that are up to date for current trends. Therefore, I do edit them occasionally or make related content/photo additions, all to benefit my readers.

NO Sales Tax or VAT Fees!
Since sales support my nonprofit Patty Ann’s Pet Project which is registered and a resident in the state of Oregon, there is NO sales tax collected on your purchase. As well, there is no extra surcharges as VAT fees either. When you purchase an ebook, or product, from you PAY ONLY for the cost of what you purchase. No added fees allowed!

Secure Online Shopping Cart Purchases!
While browsing is http protocol, once you check out to purchase your products your payment is processed through a private https online processor secured by Comodo. It is easy and fast, plus you get your products emailed immediately!

PDF eBooks Offers Well Designed Page Content
If you enjoy a more structured, well created page design you may prefer to read PDF formatted books. All ebooks on this site are PDFs, which are well formatted, easy to read, and designed for interest. Products in my TeachersPayTeachers store are the same PDFs as sold here. All other outlets sell epub formats.

 ePUB eBooks Offers All Device Flexibility
YES you can purchase my ebooks elsewhere; see the left sidebar. Other outlets sell epub ebooks which are geared to read on most all devices, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. While the content will generally be the same, the format flows different. To accommodate epub devices, NO formatting is required. This results in an un-structured, random page to view. Most all of my lesson ebooks are not easily converted to epub due to the nature of teaching products needing format consistency. And, thus the reason these other online stores carry primarily just my general reading genres. 

Now that you understand the buyer benefits, Please DO browse- and shop right here!