Artwork & DIY Projects

Here are a few of Patty Ann’s paintings and DIY home projects. Watercolor paintings have now yielded to acrylics due to their vibrancy. Portraits capture pet personalities rather than realism. All are done on canvas or cloth. When inspired Patty Ann takes to painting…mostly animals! And, when movtivated she recycles items into hand built projects. See more of Patty Ann’s projects on her Pinterest Board.

“Lunar Light”
“Going Home” MoonWorship2“Lunar Lust”
MoonDance“Moon Dance” Magic“Magic Orange”
FreeBird“Free Bird”
Bob.Pickles“Bob & Pickles”
ggshowcaseFor the Goddess Girls
sunflowerSunflower in Watercolor
abba“Abba” in Watercolor
Horses Above in Pastels
doddles“Doodles” in Watercolor

Handcrafted Birdhouses

These birdhouses were built from remnants of fence boards and miscellaneous leftovers that included tiles, odds n’ ends, stains, paints, plus more. Look closely. You will recognize common household items incorporated into the fun!