Patty Ann’s books encompass a wide variety of genres. An accomplished writer, Patty pens facts, fun and fiction. From riveting romance novels, and entertaining stories, to recipes, idea parties and far more. Out of her years employed as a vocational educator, and acquired industry expertise, came an assortment of teacher lesson plans and curricula. Patty is a teacher at heart. Many of her non-fiction books tackle challenging life topics that offer insight, tips for healthy living, perspective and resolutions.

Patty Ann is passionate about animal welfare. And to this end her books sales support rescue groups through her non-profit, Patty Ann’s Pet Project.

Fiction Fantasy, BUT…
This Could Happen to YOU!

It’s ALL About the Animals… 

Of Course!
Patty Ann Books
Animal Stories! 

Horses + Pigs = BIG Fears.
Learn How to Fix IT!
Not Just About a Horse.
This One is About Life!
True Life Recount!
Proof: Life is Eternal.
Great for Kids.
Fun for Adults~!

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